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Kids Rolling Luggage

Want to make vacations fun for everyone? Give your kids something they will absolutely love and won’t let go of during vacations….kids rolling luggage!

Not only does kids rolling luggage take some weight off of your kids’ backs, but it will also take some weight off of your back as well.

Now you won’t need to carry your kid’s luggage when they get tired. Their luggage can easily be pulled or pushed using the rolling wheels. 

Family travel does not need to be stressful. Family travel is about bonding and creating lasting memories. Successful family travel requires proper planning and preparation. Getting your child involved will certainly relieve some of your stress.

If you let your child select their own kids rolling luggage, whether a backpack or a suitcase, they have a sense of responsibility and ownership that instills a sense of pride. Basically they can feel grown up very easily.


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This allows you to ensure that your child has fun while packing their clothes and watching over their gear. It may seem easier for you to just deal with your children’s gear, but this does not teach them anything. Allow them to make a packing list and watch over them to make sure nothing is forgotten. This will turn the hassle of packing into a fun experience and they will be excited to use their luggage.

Kids rolling luggage comes in the form of backpacks and suitcases, and comes in all different types of patterns. Some are really colorful for younger children, some come with designs of cartoon characters that your child can identify fast and easily (such as the Hello Kitty luggage), and others are more sleek and stylish for mature children.

They often offer a retractable handle made of PVC, and some have straps so they can be carried over your child’s shoulder. The extra functionality is always important and can be used for all sorts of traveling needs.


   kids rolling suitcase  kids rolling backpacks  kids rolling suitcase  kids rolling backpack 


The compartments often use a reinforced zipper system to easily get in the bag, and prevent anything from coming out of the rolling luggage. Many options have a water-resistant 600 denier polyester shell for ultimate durability.

Personalization can easily be done as well by embroidering your child’s name on the luggage, which furthers your children’s excitement. The standard medium size luggage is 14” x 9” x 22”, but there are dozens of backpack and suitcase sizes available to meet your needs.  


The video above features some colorful and convenient rolling suitcases for kids.


The video above features some fun panda and penquin rolling luggage.


The video above features some multi-functional rolling luggage for kids.

Kids Rolling Backpacks and Suitcases - Buying Considerations

What is the best luggage for your child? Selecting the best luggage depends on many factors. Here is what should be considered when purchasing new luggage for your children.


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  • Size – Consider the size of your child and the size of the kids rolling backpack or suitcase that you may need. Most children will not have a problem pulling around a suitcase behind them. Some backpacks also come with shoulder straps as an alternative option for carrying.   
  • Age – Younger children like cool colors. They like something that they can relate to which is why Disney’s kids rolling luggage is a great option for most children. Older children will be looking for something more stylish that meets their needs.   
  • Durability and Functionality – Luggage in general take a beating, especially kid’s luggage. Look for a backpack or suitcase that is durable and will last a long time. Also look for luggage that can be carried like a backpack or a tote bag so it can be used for other activities as well.

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